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The arabian horse is smart and gentle but can also be stubborn and opinionated, the arabian horse is very loyal if you are there partner and leader they will cary you home through thick or thin but heed my words the arabian can never be broken only befriended you may ride upon the back of an arabian but only because it honers 

you with the privilege not because it is your right the arabian horse has the ability to understand emotion and when its partner is feeling blue will often rest its head on your shoulder to comfort you the arabian horse can never be captured it is a spirit of the wind

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 The american saddlebred combines beauty and grace with strength and intelligence, be warned the saddlebred is a very proud creature they can be stubborn and animated and do not do well with people who underestimate them, if you are under the impression that horses are dumb animals the american saddlebred is not for you, many people are under the impression that saddlebreds are crazy, having had saddlebreds most of my life I'm here to tell you this is not true, people tend to misconstrue there intelligent nature animated personality and flighty disposition. however the american saddlebred is not a breed for beginners
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